Keep Expenses Down During Your Move With These Suggestions

12 July 2016
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When you've got to move from one place to another, it is natural that you will feel some stress. It is even more stressful when you have to keep spending money on expenses that are related to moving. To keep expenses down, use the following information.

Get Boxes for Free

Boxes can take up a lot of the cash in your moving budget because you need to move every single item you own. This can be frustrating, as you already know you'll have to throw out many of the boxes once you get to your new place. For that reason, you might be reluctant to buy boxes. One solution to this problem is to get all of your moving boxes for no cost at all.

There are a number of ways to get a lot of boxes without spending money. Of course, you should ask friends and family if they have some boxes around that they want to get rid of. However, even if they don't, you can still get free boxes from local stores. These stores receive deliveries throughout the week and end up piling boxes for recycling or putting them out near their dumpster. Head to your favorite stores and ask to speak to a manager; you can explain that you're moving and that you would be willing to pick up any delivery boxes. They might be willing to stack them in the back for you until you can retrieve them.

Use Your Soft Belongings to Wrap Breakable Things

You may be dismayed at the idea of purchasing packing peanuts, tissue paper and bubble wrap for breakable items. Luckily, that is not always necessary. You probably have towels, pillowcases, blankets, clean socks and other soft belongings that you need to bring along to your new residence; why not use them to wrap breakables? Not only will that prevent you from spending money on packing materials, but you could save even more money because you'll have less boxes to transport because space is not taken up by packing materials.

Turn Off Internet and TV Early

Depending on when your television and internet bills are due, it is possible that you might be paying for days of service that you won't use because of your move. To keep costs low, it may be a good idea to have service discontinued as soon as you possibly can. While that may mean some time without the internet and your favorite television shows, with the money you save, you can start service in the new place right away.

Use all the information above to help keep expenses down during your move. Instead of going with one company right away, consult a number of local companies for a moving estimate so that you can feel confident that you're being charged a reasonable rate.