Visit A Storage Locker Auction To Get The Furniture You Need For Your Home

11 October 2016
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If you want to get a bedroom set or living room set for a very low price, consider going to a storage unit auction. The auctions allow you to buy an entire storage unit worth of items for a very low price. The guide below walks you through what you can expect when you go to a storage locker auction for the first time.

You Cannot Actually Go into Any of the Lockers

When you go to a storage locker auction, it is important to know that you cannot actually go inside of the storage lockers before buying them. You can stand outside of the threshold of the locker and look around with a flashlight, but the second you step foot over the threshold, you will no longer be eligible to bid on the unit.

Be Aggressive When Bidding on a Locker

When bidding at a storage locker auction, it is important to be aggressive. You need to be sure that the auctioneer knows that you are bidding. Speak loudly, hold a sign, or simply wave your hand when you want to bid to ensure that you grab the auctioneer's attention.

You Must Have the Cash in Hand

When you bid on a unit, you need to be sure that you have enough cash on you to cover the bid that you make. If you do not have enough money with you to purchase the locker, you could get into trouble with the auctioneer and be banned from their future auctions. It is a requirement of many auctions for any bidders to pay for the lockers that they win in cash at the close of the auction. You cannot leave the facility without paying for your winning bids first.

Everything Must Be Removed from the Locker

Once you have won a locker, you need to remove everything from it before you leave the facility. Even trash or broken items must be hauled away. The auctioneer will tell you in advance how long you have to remove everything, but it is typically limited to just a few hours to one full day, depending on the auctioneer and the facility where the auction is being held.

If there are any pieces in the unit that you do not want, you could sell them at a yard sale or take them to a thrift store and donate them. Take the pieces that you want to keep and clean them thoroughly before using them. Many items are still in great shape and will cost a fraction of what you would pay for them if you shopped at a furniture store.

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