Moving Your Vintage Toy Collection

11 May 2016
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Packing for a move takes quite a bit of time and work. When you have vintage toys that are making the move with you, you must be sure to pack them up properly so that they don't get damaged while being transported. Here, you will learn the best way to pack up different types of vintage toys to make sure that the paint doesn't get rubbed, the plastic doesn't get cracked and clothing and hair don't get crumpled.

Barbies, Small Dolls and Action Figures

Bottle beer boxes are an excellent tool for getting these smaller dolls moved. The built-in dividers will help to keep the dolls positioned just right so that they are not jostled as the boxes are carried, loaded onto the truck and moved.

Wrap each doll in a sheet of tissue paper and slide it into a slot in the beer case. To keep the dolls from bouncing around, fill the areas around the dolls with more crumpled up tissue paper.

Mark the outside of the box as to which side must remain upwards to keep the dolls from getting tossed around and coming loose.

Cars, Trucks and Vehicles

These vintage toys may seem rough and tough, but improperly packing them for a move will result in scratched paint, bent axles and even broken windshields.

Plastic vehicles can be wrapped in a few sheets of tissue paper and then wrapped with packing tape. This will keep all of their parts together and provide them with a layer of protection.

Metal vehicles should be wrapped with bubble wrap and then tape to provide them with the padding that they need to prevent dents and dings.

Once wrapped, place a single layer of the vehicles on the bottom of the box, cover with a sheet of cardboard and layer another row of vehicles on top of that. You can do a few layers of lightweight vehicles before you have to worry about too much weight putting pressure on the vehicles on the bottom of the box.

Houses and Structures

You might think that these bigger items don't need to be packed since they are so large, but if you want them to remain intact, you should at least wrap them with bubble wrap and a layer of tape. This will help the movers get a grip on them and move them without ripping the roofs off or bumping them off of things, causing damage.

Talk with movers from a company like Bell Moving & Storage about advice they may have to help you get your vintage toys packed up and moved into your new home safely.