How Storage Facilities Make Downsizing to a Smaller Home More Feasible

5 May 2016
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It can be wonderful to have a spacious home to spread out in. Every family member can have their own private space and there is a room for every purpose. Unfortunately, many people have discovered after living in large homes that much of the activity still takes place in one or two of the rooms and many other spaces are ignored and collecting dust. Of course, all of those rooms have to be heated or cooled, property taxes are for the entire property whether it is used or not and homeowner's policies are factored on every square foot. To reduce their costs many people have decided to downsize by moving to a smaller home, and storage units are making this option more appealing that it might have been otherwise.

Storing Not Rebuying

People are able to use storage units to keep the items they may need in the future and do not want to have to buy again. For example, downsizing from a five-bedroom home to a two-bedroom residence will leave several bedroom sets with no purpose. However, mattresses are not forever, so storing one or two can prevent needing to invest in new ones for decades. The same can be done for excess glassware, towels or other items that wear out quickly, but are too bulky to keep in a small home.

Keeping Seasonal Items

A small home often means weeding out the needs from the wants. No one really needs their collection of vintage reindeer or 17-foot inflatable Santa, but that does not mean they will feel the same holiday cheer if they cannot have them around. Off-site storage makes it possible to have these items without guilt or clutter. Of course, this is not the only type of seasonal items that can be stored away. Even heavier bedding, curtains and clothing as well as lawn tools, outdoor furniture or camping gear can be kept away from home.

Making it Worthwhile

The cost of storage units will vary depending on the size of the unit and where it is located. What type of features it may have for security, climate control or shelving and access can also add to the cost. Typically, however, renting even a large unit will be much cheaper than the costs of paying for and maintaining a large home.

The added benefit of using storage facilities while downsizing is that it allows people to be away from their belongings without making the initial sacrifice of getting rid of everything at once. Clearing out everything all at once can lead to people feeling regretful over parting with so much. Yet after living without items for months at a time people are often able to eliminate more and downsize their rental unit eventually too. 

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