Moving On Short Notice? 3 Tips To Help Ease Your Transition

26 April 2016
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The ideal way to relocate is when you have plenty of time on your hands. It helps you keep stress to a minimum and it reduces the chance of poor packing that could lead to damaged possessions. However, sometimes you do not have much of an option to dictate when you have to move. Whether you are moving for a new job, to take care of an ill family member, or for another reason, you should know a few ways to move in a short time frame without having to get rid of most of your possessions.

fUse a Portable Moving Container for Your Possessions

Renting a moving truck is not ideal, unless you have a place lined up ahead of time and can have the moving truck rented for a specific date and time. Using a portable moving container is optimal as it prevents you from having to bring a moving truck with you, and these services generally provide you with a substantial amount of storage time with the initial charges.

Get Documents Ready

While you are getting everything ready for moving out, you should also get important documentation ready. Since it is far easier to get these documents when you have access to your computer and printer at home, you should do it before you start packing everything up to leave. Some things that you will want to have are paystubs, recommendation letters, and multiple forms of identification. Printing out anywhere from five to ten copies of each will allow you to give papers to each landlord you see.

Start Loading as Early as Possible

The ideal scenario for finding a rental fast revolves around leaving your current residence as soon as possible. With a moving container, you can start packing everything on the day that you find out you are moving. Next, you can have a moving container delivered immediately, which you can start loading as soon as it arrives. The quicker you get everything in the moving container, the sooner you can leave your current home and head to your new city.

It is best to find a vacation rental that you can stay in temporarily. Ideally, you should speak with the host beforehand to see if you can extend the dates if need be to avoid having to find another place to stay.

By following the tips above, you can move on short notice and have a positive experience. Contact a business, such as Lords Quick & Cheap Moving Inc., for more information.