Get Moving! 3 Relocation Tips For The Disorganized

25 April 2016
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Moving can be quite the hassle for anyone, but it becomes particularly difficult if you are disorganized. A lot of planning, details, and focus go into the process. Don't sweat it, though -- anyone can move easily with a bit of help. Check out the tips and ideas featured below to make your transition a breeze.

One: Fill Out All The Paperwork

  • Change Of Address – Make sure to file a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service. The last thing you want is lost utility bills, online orders, and so on. It is free to file these forms in person, or you can file for a small fee online using your credit or debit card.

  • Utilities – Call your current utility company to schedule a shut-off date for the electricity, water, and gas in your apartment or home. You do not want to be stuck footing the bill for a residence you no longer live in.

  • Accounts – Provide your new contact information to any companies you do business with. Examples may include your bank, health insurance provider, auto insurance provider, and more. Your rates and policies may change according to where you live, so this is very important.

  • Inventory – Create a list of everything you are moving. Truly take the time to write down every single item. To simplify the process, go from room to room to make a list for each space. This will ensure you notice if any items get lost of left behind during your move.

Two: Labels, Labels, Labels

When you are preparing to move, it may be tempting to toss items into random boxes. After all, it is quick and convenient, right? Packing without any organization can make it much more difficult to unpack. Try out these tips for labeling your moving boxes:

  • Room To Room – Go from room to room like you did with your inventory list. Largely label each box according to where it should go: bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, and so on. This is beneficial for you and for moving companies. They can make sure your possessions get into the right locations, and you can have an easier time unpacking.

  • Write All Over – Make sure you label more than just the top of a box. Accidents happen – a sudden rainstorm or a tipped over box can make your label disappear. Label the sides of the boxes as well as the top. This will reduce the chance of confusion if a mishap occurs.

  • Fragile Items – When packing fragile items, make sure you write "FRAGILE" on the box. Consider using a large, colored marker to make these items truly stand out. Again, this makes things much easier for you and your moving company.

Three: Seek A Helping Hand

Lastly, do not hesitate to get some assistance with the moving process. No matter how organized you are, moving is a time-consuming and laborious process. With all of the other aspects you have to take care of, loading up a truck may seem like a nightmare. Hire a moving company to do this tough task for you. When you have professionals helping you transport your items, you can breathe easy and know the job will be done right.

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