Moving Your Piano To An Office? What To Know Before It Goes

31 March 2016
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Are you taking your piano lessons or music business from your home to an office space, and you have to move the piano and other instruments? You'll want to call professional movers, like Johnson Piano Moving, to help you move your heavy piece of equipment so it's cared for and safe. It's imperative to ask the company about the following issues before you let anyone put a hand on your piano and before it heads down the road to your new office space.

Water Resistance

Are you moving a wood piano? Several of the internal components and the structure are made of wood, so they are going to absorb moisture. This will affect the condition of the piano and how it plays. Make sure that the moving company is bringing a covered vehicle that has no moisture inside the carrier and that moisture can't get to your instrument if it starts to snow or sprinkle.

Proper Insurance

Just because a moving company has insurance to protect your items, doesn't mean that it's enough insurance coverage according to Angie's List. This is especially true if you're transporting a valuable item like a piano. Verify that the company has enough to cover the value of your musical instrument, and if they don't have any, purchase some of your own for the item before it's loaded and departs.

The company should also have their own worker's compensation insurance, so the movers don't come after you if they get injured moving your piano. Don't wait until there is an accident to find out you have to pay for the damages and repairs needed.


How will they protect your piano to make sure that scratches and dents don't occur during the route to your new office space? Make sure that you see the piano and that it's completely covered, padded, and protected before they leave the house with it.

You should also make sure that there aren't going to be problems getting the instrument into the new location; you want to know if there is going to be a hold-up if they need to get the piano up stairs or through a narrow space. Often, the piano legs can be removed to make the size and transportation of the piano easier. Many grand piano legs have threaded screws, so you can easily undo them with some help. Ask the movers in advance how you can make the piano easier to transport. Moving your piano can be quick and easy if you take the time to find the right company to do the project.