Keeping Your Company's Valuables Safe From Theft While On A Construction Job

31 March 2016
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If you manage several workers on construction sites, keeping the company's belongings safe is most likely on your mind while you do your job. Tools can become the victims of theft if you are not careful about how you tend to them when there are several workers to deal with daily. Here are a few ways you can keep your company's valuable tools from disappearing on a larger construction site jobs.

Hide Tools In An Unobtrusive Place

If you have access to a construction trailer at the site, you may be able to sock away your valuables inside at times when you will not be able to watch over them. Consider purchasing a few heavy duty plastic storage containers to keep inside the trailer. Do not label them and place them in an area where workers are least likely to frequent. Drape a tarp over the bins to hide them from view. 

You can place your extra tools inside these bins to keep them away from view of workers. Use solid colored bins so the contents cannot be seen. Place paperwork in several containers and hide the ones with tools inside in the furthest spot out of reach of the employees. If someone peeks inside one and sees documentation, they will not be likely to search the others.

Instill A Sign-Out Procedure For Tool Usage

Not all employees will show up on the job with their own tools, making it necessary for you to keep extras around. Inside the bins, have the tools labelled with a number. Keep a numbered list of the tools you have on hand and make sure to get the name of the employee making a request for a sign-out before going to the trailer to find the appropriate tool for them to use. Have the employee show you an identification card before they can utilize the tool so you can track them down if it is not returned in a timely manner.

Label Each Tool So Others Will Know It Is Company Property

Place a label on each tool you have available for signing out. This should have the company name printed upon it with black, bold lettering. This way, if someone borrows the tool to do their job, others they are working with may see the tool belongs to the company, helping to keep it from being taken as a result. This will also help workers identify which tools are personal property and which need to go back to the construction trailer at the end of the work day.