3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Unit Free Of Bugs & Rodents This Summer

28 July 2015
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If you plan on putting some belongings in storage this summer, the last thing you want are bugs and rodents getting into your things. If you take the three precautionary steps listed below, you should be able to keep your belongings safe and your storage unit bug and rodent free.

Tip #1: Clean Out Your Storage Unit

Before you start to move your belongings into your storage unit, take an hour or so and clean it out. If your storage unit is located outside, see if you can use a pressure washer to remove any dirt, dust and debris that is inside of the unit. 

If you cannot use a pressure washer, then use a vacuum to clean out your storage unit. Make sure you use an attachment to clean the walls, and make sure you get into the corners of your unit as well. You may want to use a broom to clean the ceiling of your unit.

Although your storage unit should already be clean, it doesn't hurt to make sure that it is by cleaning it yourself. 

Tip #2: Clean All Of Your Belongings

Bugs and rodents are generally attracted to storage units when people store items that are dirty inside of their unit. Even a tiny grease stain could attract a little critter that is hungry.

If you are storing clothes in your unit, wash and dry everything before you box it up. If you are storing shoes, use a wet rag to wipe them down and remove any dirt from the sides and bottom of your shoes. 

If you are storing furniture or appliances, use a vacuum to clean them off. Then use the appropriate cleaning products to wipe them down.

If you don't have to, try to avoid storing food in your storage unit. Even when you take every precaution with food, something could explode or spill without your knowledge. Spilled food is the easiest way to invite critters into your storage unit.

Tip #3: Set Out Traps

To really protect your belongings, you should set up some traps. Even if you clean out your storage unit and clean all of your belongings before you put them in storage, something could slip inside, which is where traps come in handy.

Just swing by a store and pick up a few ant and roach bait traps; these types of traps provide 'food' that ants and roaches can take back to their home which kills not just them, but their entire family as well.

You should also pick up a few mouse or rat baits or traps. Mouse and rat bait works very similar to how it does with ants and roaches -- the mouse or rat consumes the bait, and then dies later. This can be a good method if you don't plan on checking your unit that often; hopefully they will be far away from your storage unit when they die. If you do plan on check in on your storage unit on a regular basis, you can just set regular mouse traps. Just make sure you remember to check them -- you don't want your storage unit smelling like dead rodents!

If you follow the three tips outlined above, you should be able to prevent any insects or rodents from making your storage unit their new home this summer.